Saturday, May 30, 2009



I don't know about you, but I always have trouble trying to match clothes, especially super trendy ones. So here's an outlet for you to check out new ways to wear your clothes bought online, or even to flaunt your newly bought goodies!

NOTE: This is not a review site or a blogshop. I am not making any profit (yet) from this, I created this as an avenue for inspiration and an outlet for creativity.

Wanna join in the fun? Here's what you do: (up on the sidebar)
  1. Take a snazzy full length picture of yourself
  2. Send in your picture with the title "Lookbook" to
  3. Be sure to include your name/nickname and privacy option
  4. Details should be such as: Headband: Blogshop A
    Two-tone dress: Blogshop B
    Patent Pumps: Blogshop C
  5. Wait for us to deliberate and compile your pictures
  6. Earn bragging rights when your picture is posted!

I have decided to allow clothes that are not from blogshops, cos not all of us are avid online shopaholics *cough* but please include at least ONE online item! It can be a clincher, or a pair of stockings! One of the purpose of this site is to also promote online shopping, cos I know some of us buy online and are too shy to wear it out *coughs again*

Here are some terms & conditions I have added (also in the sidebar):
1. We love variety. The more shops you go through to get your look, the better :)

2. We hate headless pics. There's something spooky about it. Let us know if you want us to blackbar your eyes by saying YES to the privacy option. And don't worry, we do it well.

3. We love more readers. What's the fun in flaunting your outfits without people seeing them? Tell your friends about us!

4. We hate darkness. Try your best to take your pictures in a place with good lighting, ie. garden in the morning.

5. We love pairs! We don't mind featuring a picture with you and your bestie, just as long as it's full length and you provide a description of her outfit too! :)

6. We hate recycled pictures. By this we mean taking your blogshop's (or *gasp* someone else's blogshop's) pictures and passing it off as lookbook material.

Okay here will be how your picture should and will look like. (this is just an example):


Large fabric hair bow: Bows Lover
Sunglasses: Forever 21
DIY Cropped shirt: Room 8008
Ripped acid wash jeans: Fashionology123
Black booties: Pastel Stripes

We'll be leaving comments un-moderated for the trial run, so that you can honestly know whether your outfit is hot, or not! I'm really new to this so I'm open to constructive critique. Comment and lemme know what you think! But then again don't just comment, send in your pictures!

Good luck and once again, send those pictures in to!

Will cap off at 10 pictures and upload it at one go. S

The Feathery Fairy